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The cost of the service depends on the type of website you need. The more applications or elements your website needs, the longer it can take me to complete it. The price may be higher. I suggest you fill out the quote form on this website to find out, you can also receive a 10% discount on your initial payment. Monthly payments also depend on the total amount that the website costs.

The duration of the service agreement is one year.

Yes, the service agreement must be renewed after the first year. The website needs constant maintenance to ensure the optimal performance of your website.

For me to complete a website it can take me from 3 to 5 working days. There are certain information and images that you would have to provide me to add to the website. That’s why everything depends on the speed of communication that you and I have.

The ideal payment method can be with debit credit card and can be done through this website with Paypal. For other methods of payment you can contact me to arrange the payment.

It is the platform that I use to create the websites of my clients. WordPress is a leading platform designed to implement websites in a fast, secure and high performance way. Of every 5 websites in the world, 3 are made in WordPress.

To obtain a 10% discount on your initial payment you just have to fill out the quote form on this website.

No. There is only one down payment and 11 monthly payments that depend on the total price of your website.

My web design service includes the essentials to create it; a domain, and a hosting dedicated only to WordPress. Hosting is where a website is hosted, such as the land you need to build a house. Also included are maintenance, updates, back ups, and SEO optimization. SEO is very important for your website to be found in search engines like Google. You can learn more on the services page.

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